Hillary is a Woman, Men are from Mars

By Brian Gendron, Ph.D.
Published May 29, 2015

Hillary 2016? It has the sort of ring that makes Republican ears bleed. In this dog-eat-dog political world, how can Republicans smear her reputation? After all, no one runs on personal values, it’s all about uncovering dirt on the other guy person.

Benghazi? Clinton was cleared of wrongdoing in an initial Republican-led 2014 investigation, but something tells me we’ll hear more on that issue as the election nears and additional e-mail addresses are discovered. Anyhow, there must be some other anti-Hillary fodder to draw upon. Oh, I know! She’s a woman! And honest to God, a female can’t lead! Ahh, 21st century sexism. A quick YouTube search reveals no shortage of gender discrimination against Hillary, including this upstanding citizen:

The guy in the video asks her to do his laundry… because she’s a woman, get it? 

Hillary, if elected next November, would become the first female president in the history of the United States. And some may wonder, should an evaluation of her as hopeful leader of the free world, include a discussion of her XX sex chromosomes? To answer this, we could rely on antiquated stereotypes perpetuated by slow-to-change cultural norms, OR we could turn to scientific research for an empirical, data-driven decision.

For one, women get a bad rap in the workplace. I’m sure POTUS is slightly different than mid-level manager of a pencil-making business in Baltimore, but some studies indicate that females who demonstrate traditionally masculine qualities (like leadership or ambition) get evaluated more negatively compared to men with those same traits. Damn you, pantsuits!

Despite perceptual biases within most modern industrialized societies, science is continually disproving the notion that there are large or important sex differences. One of the most influential pieces of evidence is a meta-analysis [a synthesis of results from many other scientific studies] published in 2005, by psychologist Janet Hyde. The study compared men and women on almost every characteristic you can think of. The main conclusion? Besides only a few exceptions, men and women are not that different after all. And when it comes to being president, the differences may work in Hillary’s favor.

Hyde (2005) – Click to see the full article.

The first interesting finding is that men and women significantly differ on a number of sexual characteristics. According to the data, men hold wayyy more casual views about sex, and men masturbate a lot more than women. In fact, the effect size for the masturbation difference was one of the largest found in the entire 2005 report… based on data from 26 previously published investigations. I’m simply reporting the numbers, people…

When it comes to the 2016 election, what should voters make of this finding? Well, thanks to a few billion years of evolutionary differences, perhaps we’ll have a few less sex scandals under a Hillary-led regime.

Print media sales would plummet.

Next the study showed that men largely outperform women on various gross motor skills, such as throwing velocity and strength-based tasks. Ok, fine… Hillary can’t throw a football as hard as Bill, or Barack, but maybe this means she’ll have more time to focus on feeding hungry people and fixing terrible schools. And reducing discrimination. And corruption. And wealth disparity. And L.A. traffic!

Finally, the data suggests big differences in aggressive behavior. Not surprisingly, men are found to be significantly higher on physical and verbal aggression, whereas a lot of data suggests women are higher on indirect forms of aggression (such as spreading gossip or rumors).

I’m not sure what to make of this one. Does this mean if Hillary were president, we’d have less war, but she’d always be talking shit on Queen Elizabeth and Kim Jong-un, Mean Girls-style?


Facts are facts–Hillary has girl parts. But scientific research says that should not matter. We must look past the pantsuits and flowing locks of blonde, because the data suggests they won’t be a negative influence. And to boot, the actual differences between men and women may help Hillary steer this country down a better path. Wait… Women can’t drive.

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