Get Rich in Colorado with Pot and Ibuprofen

LEGAL! That’s one small step for man…

The legal sale of marijuana for recreational use makes the state of Colorado a guinea pig for the rest of the country and others all around the world. Fortunately, we did not wake up to news of chaos, riots, or general incivility (due directly to weed, that is).

But that’s not much of a surprise, is it? There isn’t much of a connection between marijuana and antisocial behavior, and in reality, marijuana may decrease aggression (particularly compared to alcohol) as shown by a number of studies dating back to 1976. Just 38 years later, here we are today with the ability to walk into a store and legally buy marijuana at a store, for fun (depending, for now, on your location).

On the other hand, lets not forget that weed is a drug. Your body does undergo a physiological change and the results are not free of risk.  Studies show the withdrawal symptoms of pot can be harsh, and include aggressive behavior.  Thus, taking away the drug once it has been legalized is not recommended.

In general, studies also show that heavy pot use, particularly among younger users, is associated with changes in brain structure. Importantly, people in Colorado must be over 21 to purchase the drug, but all users should remember that the frontal lobe (responsible for decision-making and judgment) does not fully develop until age 25. Thereafter, the brain is still plastic and able to change for the remainder of our lives.


Other symptoms include the munchies, dry eyes, and memory issues. The average college hippy has a difficult time remembering where he left his tambourine. And according to a recent study, this might actually be easily rectified with a spoonful of medicine.

Ibuprofen, actually. These over-the-counter pain remedies (e.g., Motrin, Advil, etc.) block the release of the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2, which is increased when smokin’ dope and can lead to forgetfulness.

Studies like this could lead to the first FDA-approved treatment for side effects of marijuana use. This, of course, is particularly important to patients using the plant for medicinal purposes. But, the college hippy could benefit as well.

The world is carefully watching as the effects of legalized recreational pot take hold, and so perhaps a public service announcement is warranted, suggesting a few hundred milligrams of ibuprofen with every rip of bongzilla.


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