RECORD HIGH: Reports of Pet-Induced Sleep Disturbances

By Brian Gendron, Ph.D.
Published September 11, 2014

You are fast asleep, when all of a sudden, “I’m HUNGRY!”
Actually, it probably went more like, “Meoooooooow!”

Does this sound familiar?


Perhaps it’s your dog, licking your pinky toe at 4 a.m. in a peculiar way that starts as part of a fun dream and ends with waking up to Lassie begging to be let outside. Damn irresistible face.

You’re not alone.

According to the MAYO clinic [not the Mayonnaise Clinic, we checked], significantly more people are claiming pet-related sleep disturbances these days. This is compared to the last time this was measured, in 2002. Back then, only 1% were bitching of furry friends.

Based on a recent survey, however, a whopping 10% now claim to be inflicted with the waggle-tail woes. Fascinating stuff. In the words of the lead researcher, “One patient owned a parrot who consistently squawked at 6 a.m. He must have thought he was a rooster.” And that’s a real quote.


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About the Author

has a Ph.D. in Psychology and enjoys writing in the third person.

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